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What is the Definitions Project?

Through 2006, representatives from over two dozen federal agencies, nonprofit professional organizations, and not-for-profit organizations came together to agree on the definitions of common terminology used by interpreters, environmental educators, historians, and others in nonformal settings such as parks, aquariums, zoos, nature centers, historic sites, and museums.

Download the full list
The full list of definitions is now available for download as a PDF file. Click here to download it.

The result of their work is included in this website and is available copyright-free for download or web-based use by anyone who needs it. Please also feel free to provide a direct link to this website from your organization's website.

The Definitions Project was initially funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It has been organized by the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) in cooperation with US Fish and Wildlife Service and Institute for Learning Innovation.

Click here to learn more about the history of the project and individual participants.

Adding A Term & Feedback

How do new words or examples get added to the Definitions Project website?
Each year, NAI puts together a review panel from amongst agencies and organizations related to the field of nonformal education and interpretation. This panel reviews terms that have been suggested for inclusion by users of the website. Once the terms have been reviewed, the panel will determine an appropriate definition for those terms that are to be included in the glossary. The website and the glossary will continue to grow each year as new terms and examples of existing terms are added. If you have a recommendation for a term to be included, please click here and add it to our feedback form to submit it for review.

What if I want to add examples or comments about a specfic term?
If you have examples or commentary for a specific term, please visit that term and fill out the form for either your example or commentary. Forms to add your examples and commentary are in the respective tabs of each term/definition. Examples and commentaries for each term are reviewed as they become available, and do not need to wait until the next year's term review.

Can I leave feedback on this site and the Definitions project?
We welcome any feedback you might have on the overall definitions project, please click here and add it to our feedback form.

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